VA Form 0896a – Report of Subcontracts to Small and Veteran-Owned Business

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 0896a – Report of Subcontracts to Small and Veteran-Owned Business – VA Form 0896a is a monthly report that the Department of Veterans Affairs requires all veterans to complete. This form asks veterans to provide their time of service and financial information. They also have to indicate the name of the bank where they receive their compensation. This is important because the VA will already have your payment information on file if you are applying for retroactive benefits.

Download VA Form 0896a – Report of Subcontracts to Small and Veteran-Owned Business

Form Number VA Form 0896a
Form Title Report of Subcontracts to Small and Veteran-Owned Business
Edition Date July 2022
File Size 87 KB

What is VA Form 0896a?

If you’re involved in the subcontracting process, you should familiarize yourself with VA Form 0896a. The form is used to gather information about the subcontracting plans that prime contractors submit. This is done to ensure that these plans are accurate. The form requires a few pieces of information, such as the prime contractor’s name, office telephone number, e-mail address, and the name of the person who is responsible for administering the subcontract. It is also required that the prime contractor’s DUNS number be provided. Finally, the person responsible for the subcontracting plans should sign their name and e-mail address on the form.

In addition to providing information on the applicant’s service, the form requires that he or she indicate when the compensation payments are due. The amount of time the veteran spent in service is also required. The VA will then transfer the compensation payments into the veteran’s bank account each month. The information that he or she provides will be on file with the department.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 0896a?

The VA Form 0896A is used to record the details of subcontracting. These details include the name of the prime contractor, the name of the subcontract administrator, the office telephone number and e-mail address of the individual who is responsible for the subcontracting administration, the prime contractor’s DUNS number, the signature of the certifier and the number of plans for the fiscal year period.

This form is necessary when filing for benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans can use it to file for compensation, DIC benefits, burial benefits, HISA, and pension benefits. Applicants must submit a certified copy of their military discharge. They should also submit a marriage certificate or death certificate, and proof of ongoing care expenses. They must also include receipts and invoices for the services they need.

VA Form 0896a – Report of Subcontracts to Small and Veteran-Owned Business

The purpose of VA Form 0896a is to collect information from subcontractors and compare it to data from prime contractor subcontracting plans. The government hopes that the information it receives from this form will be accurate. The Affected Public is a business or a for-profit entity. The form is estimated to impose a burden of approximately two hours on each respondent.

The VA intends to centralize its subcontracting review function and improve its software. However, it has yet to implement the necessary changes. Additionally, the agency is not yet assessing the effectiveness of subcontracting. Further, it has not implemented the appropriate enforcement actions.

Subcontractors should submit the VA Form 0896a to the VA. The form can be submitted either electronically or as a hard copy. It should contain the prime contractor’s name and office phone number. It should also contain the name of the person responsible for subcontract administration. The person who will be responsible for administering the form must also have a valid DUNS number.

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