VA Form 10-493b – CHAMPVA Benefits Election Affirmation

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 10-493b – CHAMPVA Benefits Election Affirmation – What is VA Form 10-493b? And where can I find it? Learn more about the form in this article! This article focuses on VA Form 10-493b – CHAMPVA Benefits Election Affirmation. It is the form used by veterans to reaffirm eligibility for various benefits.

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Form Number VA Form 10-493b
Form Title CHAMPVA Benefits Election Affirmation
Edition Date June 2016
File Size 686 KB

What is a VA Form 10-493b?

VA Form 10-493b is a form used to update personal and financial information for veterans. This form is also used to update eligibility for health care benefits and insurance. It must be completed and submitted to the health eligibility center in Atlanta, GA. The information on the form must be complete and signed by the delegate. The form must also have the signatures of 2 witnesses. If the form is incomplete, it will be returned to the applicant. It is also mandatory to attach continuation sheets and supporting documents.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 10-493b?

If you need to fill out VA Form 10-493b to apply for benefits, you’ve come to the right place. The government website offers numerous options for filing your claim. If you’re still in the military, you can contact a representative to help you complete the form. Then, you can mail it to the appropriate VA regional office.

VA Form 10-493b – CHAMPVA Benefits Election Affirmation

The CHAMPVA Program is a government-run program that shares health care costs with eligible veterans and their families. This program is based in Denver, Colorado, and is administered by the Department of Veteran Affairs. However, this program is not to be confused with TRICARE, a DoD regional health care program for uniformed service members.

In addition to veterans, spouses and children of deceased or disabled veterans may be eligible for CHAMPVA. However, they must have Medicare Part B to qualify for CHAMPVA benefits. However, if they do qualify, they may choose to enroll in both the VA system and CHAMPVA coverage.

VA Form 10-493b Example

VA Form 10-493b

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