VA Form 20-0996 – Decision Review Request: Higher-Level Review

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 20-0996 – Decision Review Request: Higher-Level Review – A VA Form 20-0996 is an application that requests a review of a decision issued by the VA. The decision notice issued by the VA states the type of benefits you can receive. A separate form must be completed for each type of benefit. The form does not allow you to submit new evidence but does give you the opportunity to request a phone conference with a higher-level reviewer. You can apply for a decision review online or print out the form to file your request.

Download VA Form 20-0996 – Decision Review Request Higher-Level Review

Form Number VA Form 20-0996
Form Title Decision Review Request: Higher-Level Review
Edition Date September 2022
File Size 2 MB

What is a VA Form 20-0996?

A VA Form 20-0996 is used to request an additional level of review for a VA decision. The higher level of review does not require new evidence but re-examines evidence that was submitted previously. The form is usually submitted online, but you can also print it out and submit it to the VA by mail.

After you receive a decision notice, fill out VA Form 20-0996 and list the issues you would like to appeal. You should also include the date of the decision notice. If you are denied, submit the form to the appropriate Regional Office. The VA will generally review your claim within 125 days.

The form is 12-pages long and requires you to provide basic personal information. It asks for your full name, date of birth, and social security number. It may also ask for copies of your birth certificate or divorce decree. Another version of the form, called VA Form 21-674, is for children who are currently in school. You will need to provide information about their school attendance.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 20-0996?

If you’ve received a decision from the VA about your disability benefits, you must fill out VA Form 20-0996 to request a higher-level review. This form is not a new application, but it does require you to resubmit any evidence that was submitted with your original application. After you’ve filled out the form, you must submit it to the appropriate regional office. The process usually takes about 125 days.

For people on the go, a PDF of VA Form 20-0996 is a handy option. The document can be saved to a device or sent via email. A mobile application such as sign now makes signing the document easier. It allows you to merge documents, add fields, and invite other people to sign. Another benefit is that it’s cross-platform, meaning that it works on any gadget.

You’ll need to provide the appropriate personal information. This includes your full name, social security number, and date of birth. If you’ve had insurance, your insurance policy number is also required. In addition, you’ll need to select the type of benefit you want to claim. If you’ve received more than one type of benefit, you’ll need to file a separate form for each.

VA Form 20-0996 – Decision Review Request: Higher-Level Review

If you have received a decision from the VA regarding your disability claim, you may be able to request a higher-level review. This type of review is a fresh review of the issue based on evidence that was on record when the VA issued its prior decision. The application can be submitted in person, by mail, or by fax. The process can take about 5 months.

The form is easy to fill out. The claimant should list the issues with the decision and attach new evidence to support their position. Evidence should be labeled with the claimant’s name and the file number. A decision review officer at the VA DOC will review the application and issue a decision.

When completing the application for a higher-level review, remember that the time period for filing a claim for this type of review is limited. It is also not possible to apply for a review at the same time. If you are filing a claim for supplemental review, you will need to add your HLR issue to the contention of the supplemental claim.

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