VA Form 21-0958 – Notice Of Disagreement

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 21-0958 – Notice Of Disagreement – Are you wondering where to find a VA Form 21-0958? This article will answer your questions about this document and how to get one. The VA Form 21-0958 is a Notice of Disagreement. In the event that you receive this document, it is imperative to make sure it’s complete.

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Form Number VA Form 21-0958 –
Form Title Notice Of Disagreement
Edition Date September 2018
File Size 653 KB

What is a VA Form 21-0958?

VA Form 21-0958 is used to appeal a decision made by the VA. It is required to read the Statement of the Case, which explains the decision, before filling out the form. Once completed, it must be submitted in person to the VA office. It is also mandatory to have a representative present when filing the form.

The form requires the veteran’s full legal name, social security number, and VA file number. It must also include the date of birth. It should also include the veteran’s representative’s full legal name, current mailing address, and apartment or unit number. The representative should also provide his/her email address. Once the representative has provided this information, the veteran should also include the issue in which they disagree with the VA. They must also state the percentage evaluation that they seek.

The claimant may be required to provide additional evidence or records to support his claim. This information should be NEW (information not previously submitted to the VA) or RELEVANT (information that tends to prove or disprove the claim). If the information is RELEVANT, the VA should assist the claimant in gathering it.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 21-0958?

The first step is to locate a VA office where you can fill out VA Form 21-0958. This form is used to file an appeal against a decision from the Board of Veterans Appeals. It must be signed by the person appealing the decision or by a representative. The person appealing the decision must sign Blocks 11 and 12. If the person is unable to sign the form, the representative may sign it on his or her behalf.

To file for this form, the veteran must provide the VA with his or her full legal name, social security number, VA file number, and date of birth. Additionally, a representative of the veteran must include the veteran’s full legal name, current mailing address, apartment or unit number, and city and state. The representative must also provide an email address. Lastly, the representative must provide details on the issue or area where the veteran and the VA disagree.

VA Form 21-0958 – Notice Of Disagreement

Veterans can file a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) when they disagree with the VA’s decision regarding a claim. The form is not mandatory, but veterans who are disagreeing with the VA’s decision should use it. This form requires a great deal of information, and how you fill it out will affect the outcome of your appeal. Fortunately, veterans and representatives of veterans can work with a lawyer to help them fill out the form properly.

The VA Board will review your claim and decide whether to grant or deny it. It will make its decision based on the arguments you present. This means that you will need to provide a great deal of evidence to prove your position.

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