VA Form 21-8940 – Veteran’s Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 21-8940 – Veteran’s Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability – Whether you are a veteran seeking compensation or a dependent of a veteran who is seeking compensation, you will need to complete a VA Form 21-8940. This form is a form of application for Increa.

Download VA Form 21-8940 – Veteran’s Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability

Form Number VA Form 21-8940
Form Title Veteran’s Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability
Edition Date June 2022
File Size 2 MB

What is a VA Form 21-8940?

Known as the Veteran’s Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability, VA Form 21-8940 is used by veterans who wish to receive increased compensation for unemployability. The VA asks claimants to fill out the form and provide their employment history for the last five years. This form helps the VA determine whether a claimant earned substantially gainful income.

The form also has a section that requires the veteran to provide their medical information. It asks for the name of the service-connected disability, the disability’s schedular rating, and the name of the medical condition that impedes a veteran’s ability to hold a steady job.

The VA Form 21-8940 also has a section that requires the veteran’s personal information, including their legal name, social security number, and mailing address. It also asks for information on their educational background, including any training received before becoming disabled.

Besides the VA Form 21-8940, the veteran may also want to provide additional information in the form of a sworn statement. This can provide a more comprehensive account of a veteran’s disability and how it impacts their daily life and employment. The veteran can also include an addendum to the form if they need more space. This addendum should indicate which section of the form the addendum applies to.

It is important that a veteran sends the VA Form 21-8940 back within one year of receiving it. VA may not accept the form if it is not sent back within one year.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 21-8940?

Whether you are a veteran who is currently disabled or has a service-related disability, you may qualify for VA benefits. This includes a permanent disability claim, as well as a claim for increased compensation. To qualify, you must meet the disability standards set by the VA.

In order to qualify for VA benefits, you must provide information about your disability, as well as your employment history. This is usually in the form of VA Form 21-8940. This form is used to submit a claim for increased compensation based on an unemployable condition.

This form is divided into sections, and the first section is the most straightforward. Here you will find the date of birth, full legal name, mailing address, telephone number, and a list of current medical conditions. You will also need to provide the name of your doctor.

If you worked for an out-of-business company, you will need to indicate this in Box 18A. In the personal information section, you will need to provide a current, detailed address, as well as your social security number.

You will also need to provide your education, employment history, and your medical information. Your VA file number and contact information are also required. If you are a veteran, you may also attach a statement from your former employer, explaining why you were unemployable. These statements can give a better picture of your disability.

VA Form 21-8940 – Veteran’s Application for Increa

Using VA Form 21-8940, Veterans can apply for individual unemployability benefits. This type of claim is for disabled veterans who cannot hold down a steady job. It is also available to qualified veterans who have a disability rating of at least 30 percent. These veterans can also apply for additional allowances for dependents.

This form requires Veterans to provide information about their disability. This includes medical records that prove the nature of the disability. It also asks for an occupation history. The VA will review the information to determine whether a claim is appropriate. If it is, the veteran will receive retroactive benefits.

The VA Form 21-8940 will also ask for contact information. The applicant must provide a mailing address, email address, and telephone number. The information should be current. It is also important to provide a VA file number.

The VA Form 21-8940 is available for download on the VA website. Veterans can also request assistance in filling out the form at a local VA regional office. If you need additional space to complete the form, you can include an addendum. You can also send the form to the VA Evidence Intake Center by certified mail.

VA Form 21-8940 is the main document that the VA requires to review your claim for individual unemployability. If you do not return the form within 30 days, the VA will send you a notice requesting the missing information. You must provide the information within 30 days of receiving the notice. You must also provide information about your disabilities, including names and dates of treatment. You can also attach discharge papers, medical records, and a marriage certificate if necessary.

VA Form 21-8940 Example

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