VA Form 21P-10195 – Legal Summary—Accrued Benefits

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 21P-10195 – Legal Summary—Accrued Benefits – Whether you are an active duty member of the United States military or have received your military pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you should know that the VA Form 21P-10195 is the main document that you need to file to claim your retirement benefits. It contains a legal summary of your accrued benefits and a list of other documents you need to submit to the VA.

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Form Number VA Form 21P-10195
Form Title Legal Summary—Accrued Benefits
Edition Date May 2022
File Size 158 KB

VA Form 21P-10195 – Legal Summary—Accrued Benefits

Whenever a Veteran dies, their surviving spouse will receive a monthly payment of disability income. In addition, VA may pay a higher DIC payment to the surviving spouse if the surviving spouse is blind or needs regular aid. This benefit is also available to surviving children under age 18. Applicants for this benefit can use VA Form 21P-534. This application is available online at the VA website.

If a surviving spouse marries before age 57, the VA will discontinue payment of benefits. However, if a surviving spouse marries after age 57, the VA will continue to pay the surviving spouse’s benefits. However, if remarriage occurs before age 57, the surviving spouse must return the VA payment. Alternatively, the surviving spouse may apply for a guaranteed loan to buy or refinance a home. The guaranteed loan may be used to pay off liens on the home. Alternatively, a surviving spouse may use the guaranteed loan to improve the home.

The surviving spouse may also receive additional benefits for children who are unmarried. If the surviving spouse’s claim is approved, VA will reimburse the surviving spouse for burial expenses and last illness. A surviving spouse may also be entitled to Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA). DEA is also available to children who are unmarried.

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VA Form 21P-10195

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