VA Form 26-6807a – Supplemental Certification for Financial Statement

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 26-6807a – Supplemental Certification for Financial Statement – When a veteran applicant is seeking an FHA loan, VA will determine their eligibility for a possible reduced down payment. This benefit is called a Certificate of Veterans Status (COE).

To obtain this certificate, VA will issue a VA Form 26-8261a to the veteran applicant. Complete this form thoroughly and attach proof of military service.

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Form Number VA Form 26-6807a
Form Title Supplemental Certification for Financial Statement
Edition Date June 2022
File Size 532 KB

What is VA Form 26-6807a?

A VA Form 26-6807a is a form that is used for a variety of purposes. It is usually used when a veteran or their spouse needs to make changes to their address. It can also be used to apply for a certain type of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit.

The main purpose of this form is to help determine if a veteran is eligible for a home loan benefit. It is important that lenders and veterans complete this form as thoroughly as possible. If not, the process may take longer and the veteran might end up paying more in funding fees than they otherwise would have.

Applicants who have served in the Reserves or National Guard must provide proof of honorable service, which is generally provided in the form of an official DD Form 214 or NGB Form 22 or a retirement points statement. These documents must be in a form that the Department of Veterans Affairs accepts, and they must include dates of service.

Upon receipt of the certificate, the lender should retain it and use it to verify eligibility for the loan. They should then submit a copy of the certificate to the VA as soon as it is available for review. Moreover, they should make sure the COE is included in any origination loan document packets and provide copies to their clients.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 26-6807a?

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VA Form 26-6807a – Supplemental Certification for Financial Statement

If you have a VA loan, you may need to fill out and submit a VA Form 26-6807a. This document allows you to provide financial statements for your home loan. It also lets lenders know if you are eligible for any benefits that may be available to you through the government.

Form 26-6807a is a PDF that can be filled out online. You can complete it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. To do this, sign in to your account using your credentials or create a free account.

You can edit the document and add your electronic signature without leaving your browser. By using signNow’s digital documents solution, you can complete your document in a few simple steps.

For Reserves and National Guard members, a military statement of service is not required. However, it is recommended. These statements of service are usually on military letterhead and signed by the adjutant, personnel office, or commander of the unit or higher headquarters.

In addition, a surviving spouse of a veteran who dies on active duty or from a service-connected disability, and remarries on or after age 57 and on or after December 16, 2003, is entitled to receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for home loan benefits. Survivors who request an initial determination of loan guaranty eligibility on VA Form 26-1817 should submit the completed form along with any supporting documentation to the Eligibility Center.

VA Form 26-6807a Example

VA Form 26-6807a

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