VA Form 26-8149 – Report of Automatic Manufactured Home and/or Lot Loan

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 26-8149 – Report of Automatic Manufactured Home and/or Lot Loan – If you are a VA claimant, there is a form that you need to fill out called VA Form 26-8149. This form can be found on the VA website. It is used to report automatically manufactured items. You will need to provide information on how these items were automatically manufactured, and the date on which they were made.

Download VA Form 26-8149 – Report of Automatic Manufactured Home and/or Lot Loan

Form Number VA Form 26-8149
Form Title Report of Automatic Manufactured Home and/or Lot Loan
Edition Date June 2022
File Size 34 KB

Where Can I Find a VA Form 26-8149?

In the world of VA home loan paperwork, the VA Form 26-8149 is just one of many forms required for obtaining and processing your VA mortgage loan. It’s also the form that can prove your eligibility for the coveted Certificate of Eligibility, commonly known as the COE. While you may not be able to snag your own COE, there are still some other benefits available to you if you are a veteran or surviving spouse. For example, you can receive a discount on your mortgage interest rates.

You can find VA Form 26-8149 on the Internet, but it might be best to get a hold of a VA loan counselor to assist you in your quest for a loan. A VA loan counselor can give you more specific information about your eligibility, and can even give you a list of other related resources. If you’re a surviving spouse of a veteran, you’ll need to show your COE to your lender in order to qualify for a VA mortgage.

VA Form 26-8149 – Report of Automatic Manufactured Home and/or Lot Loan

The Department of Veterans Affairs is in the process of updating VA Form 26-8149, Report of Automatic Manufactured Home. This form is used by lenders to close loans for veterans under 38 U.S.C. 3710. There are several fields that you must fill out when using this form. Each field is designed to help ensure that you are underwriting VA loan applications in a reasonable and prudent manner.

If you are a lender and you are planning to close a VA loan, you should make sure that you are familiar with the changes that have been made. These updates are expected to provide more clarity to the process, as well as to streamline it. They are also designed to help VA reduce fees and to improve the eligibility of Veterans for compensation. However, you should only use this form in a specific way.

You should also know that the Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to discontinue processing Form 26-8937 after 2021. Instead, the lender should upload the form to WebLGY. If you are a VA lender, you should keep a copy of the form in your loan origination package. It will be used in only a few instances. Before using this form, be sure that you know all the steps involved in closing the VA loan.

VA Form 26-8149 Example

VA Form 26-8149

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