VA Form 40-10088 – Request for Reimbursement of Casket/URN

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 40-10088 – Request for Reimbursement of Casket/URN – The VA Form 40-10088 is a Request for Reimbursement of Certain Costs form which is used to request reimbursement for a particular cost. This is an important form as it is a document that the VA requires you to submit if you are a veteran and you need to seek reimbursement for the cost of medical services and supplies that you purchased.

Download VA Form 40-10088 – Request for Reimbursement of Casket/URN

Form Number VA Form 40-10088
Form Title Request for Reimbursement of Casket/URN
Edition Date Aug 2022
File Size 102 KB

What is a VA Form 40-10088?

VA Form 40-10088 is a little more than a fancy paperclip. It is a useful little gizmo and is a nice perk of membership in the VA and the surrounding vaunted social club. The vaunt is not limited to members of the armed forces, however. This entitles spouses and children of deceased veterans to join as well, albeit at their own expense. For veterans who reside in states like New Jersey, there’s a silver bullet in the form of federal reimbursement. Of course, not everyone is eligible, and a few more steps are required to qualify for this golden ticket. Luckily, there’s a website and a friendly community of support. In short, this is the best place to go to find out what’s what. Plus, no more waiting around on hold! No more having to call a third party to make an appointment. Just fill out the online form, and hey, you’re done.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 40-10088?

If you are a member of the military or have a family member who is a veteran, you may be interested in applying for VA Form 40-10088. The forms are available for download from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. In order to file for a VA benefit, you must submit the form along with all necessary supporting documentation.

When you apply for a VA benefit, the Department of Veterans Affairs reviews your request based on several factors, including the character of discharge, availability of space at the national cemetery, and the number of living immediate family members. They will also consider other sections of the form to determine if the request is valid.

Those who are buried in a federally-administered cemetery, such as Arlington National Cemetery, the National Cemetery Administration, and the service department academy cemetery, may qualify for a monetary allowance. However, you must have a notarized statement from the individual who initiated the interment, as well as all living immediate family members. You will be provided with a replacement marker for the grave, and the VA will add a memorial inscription to the marker.

Individuals buried in a non-national cemetery may also qualify for a monetary allowance. However, a replacement headstone will not be paid for if the marker is not government-furnished.

VA Form 40-10088 – Request for Reimbursement of Casket/URN

VA Form 40-10088 is a form that can be filed with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for reimbursement of a charitable contribution. The form is filled out and signed by the applicant.

In order to fill out VA Form 40-10088, the applicant should know the name of the recipient, the amount of the donation, the date of the donation, and the source of the donation. It should also be noted that the filing guidelines are not separate.

Many of the people who have benefited from VA Form 40-10088 were not veterans. They were members of the community or volunteered their time in support of charitable organizations. Some of these individuals have since died. Others have moved to different states. Listed below are some of the names of these individuals.

VA Form 40-10088 Example

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