VA Form 40-40-0895-9 – Certification Regarding Lobbying

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 40-40-0895-9 – Certification Regarding Lobbying – The VA Form 40-40-0895-9 is a certification form used to verify whether or not a person is eligible for a military pension. If you are a member of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or National Guard, you may qualify to receive this certification. However, you will need to follow the correct procedure in order to obtain the VA Form 40-40-0895-9.

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Form Number VA Form 40-40-0895-9
Form Title Certification Regarding Lobbying
Edition Date Oct 2010
File Size 70 KB

What is a VA Form 40-40-0895-9?

If you are working on a project to improve a military post or base cemetery, you may be wondering what is VA Form 40-40-0895-9. This form is part of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ national shrine standards of appearance. It is used to document current burial activity at the cemetery and to ensure that the grantee has met all of its grant responsibilities.

The Form must be submitted by the next of kin, personal representative, or other authorized individuals. When submitting the form, it is important to indicate that a cemetery is being used as a burial site for eligible deceased Veterans. You must also explain the disposition of remains in block 33 and check the box on block 34.

This form also certifies eligibility for the VA grant process. In addition, it certifies compliance with Public Law 101-121, the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, and the requirements of 38 CFR Part 39.

The VA considers the information you provide confidentially. However, if your response does not meet VA’s technical requirements, your state may be required to delay the payment of the grant. Similarly, if you fail to provide the information requested, you may be required to pay a penalty.

If you are unsure whether a particular Veteran is eligible for a headstone or marker, you should inquire with your local VA office. The Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration offers assistance in this regard.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 40-40-0895-9?

There are many VA Forms that are available to the public. Some of these forms include the 40-0895-3. This form is a legal document that helps to ensure that the grantee (the state) is meeting all of the requirements associated with the grant. A number of other similar forms are also available.

The most common question asked by individuals interested in receiving a grant is what are the requirements to apply for a grant. This is a complex process that requires information from a number of sources. While the Department of Veterans Affairs can provide some of this information, it is up to the states to ensure that they are not left out in the cold.

In general, the VA will only approve a grant if it is accompanied by a complete package. For example, the VA will not authorize a grant if the state does not allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct an inspection or if it does not make a benefit presentation in a variety of languages.

The VA will also require the state to demonstrate that it has met the technical requirements associated with a grant, which may be difficult to do. If the State cannot meet the technical specifications, it is possible for the Department of Veterans Affairs to suspend payments until the state corrects its deficiencies.

VA Form 40-40-0895-9 – Certification Regarding Lobbying

If you are in the construction business, you are no doubt aware that the VA has long been in the business of providing grant dollars to states looking to refurbish and improve their veterans’ cemeteries. In recent years, the monies have been channeled into a variety of projects, ranging from the mundane to the ambitious. As such, the VA has issued a number of certifications and awards in the past. While a few of the more mundane accolades have been discontinued, a few are still on the books. Among them is the vaunted “Veteran’s Cemetery Renovation Program,” which is a gimmicky name if there ever was one.

The VA has also been stingy in granting grants for new and improved cemetery facilities, particularly in the southeastern United States. Nevertheless, a recent survey of the VA’s cemeteries in southeastern Virginia and West Virginia found that a substantial percentage of the sites were in poor condition and could do with a facelift. It is for this reason that the VA has been a little more generous in the past few years. In addition to the usual suspects, the VA has been a bit more receptive to awarding a few of the less reputable applicants a chance to earn a little cash in the form of a certificate of occupancy.

VA Form 40-40-0895-9 Example

VA Form 40-40-0895-9

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