VA Form 40-4970 – Request for Disinterment

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 40-4970 – Request for Disinterment – If you are a member of the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and are looking to dispose of property that you no longer need, you should know that you can fill out a VA Form 40-4970. This form can help you get your property disposed of in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Form Number VA Form 40-4970
Form Title Request for Disinterment
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What is a VA Form 40-4970?

When a VA beneficiary passes away, a request for memorialization may be necessary. If this is the case, the family of the deceased will be required to provide information to the VA, as well as evidence to demonstrate eligibility. The information will be based on the character of the veteran’s discharge, as well as other applicable sections.

Individuals who wish to have a member of their family buried in a VA national cemetery can fill out VA Form 40-4970, which is available as a fillable form on the VA website. This form requires the signature of a Notary Public. False certification on this form could lead to imprisonment.

The application will also need notarized consent from all living immediate family members. In addition, a copy of the Veteran’s death certificate must be provided to the VA.

The VA can also be asked to provide replacement markers for the burial in non-national cemeteries. However, it is not guaranteed that the replacement marker will be the same style as the original one. Depending on the circumstances, the headstone or medallion may be replaced with a different inscription.

The VA will not reimburse the costs of installing the memorial headstone or medallion in a non-national cemetery. However, VA will deliver the marker to the recipient agent.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 40-4970?

If your loved one has been eligible to receive headstones from the Veterans Administration, you may need to know where to find VA Form 40-4970. This form is required when you want to replace headstones in non-national cemeteries.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has made changes to its monetary burial benefits program. These changes were intended to simplify the process. Applicants can now use a digital version of the form and can submit it online. However, if you are submitting the form without the necessary endorsements, you could be fined or imprisoned.

If you are applying for a group memorial monument, you will need to submit the form in the manner specified by the Secretary. The application will be evaluated by a VA official and a hearing will be held. During the hearing, testimony will be given under oath. You will have the right to call witnesses and have representation by counsel.

In addition to obtaining a new marker, you will also have to submit a notarized statement of consent signed by all living immediate family members of the decedent. VA will also add a Memorial inscription to the replacement headstone. It is not necessary to pay for the installation of the marker in a non-national cemetery.

VA Form 40-4970 – Request for Disinterment

The VA Form 40-4970 – Request for Disinterment is a legal document that serves as a means for requesting that the remains of a deceased Veteran be removed from a national cemetery. It is also used to request a replacement of headstones and medallions in non-national cemeteries.

Whether or not you are eligible to disinter a Veterans remains is based on the character of your discharge, period of active duty, and other information. In order to qualify for benefits, your family may be required to verify your eligibility. You can also be asked to provide a death certificate.

If you are planning to disinter your Veteran, it is a good idea to contact the VA National Cemetery Scheduling Office to find out if your veteran is qualified for burial. However, if you need to make interment arrangements on weekends, the National Cemetery Administration will not be able to assist you.

Once you receive the information from the National Cemetery Administration, you will need to complete and submit the VA Form 40-4970. You can complete this form online. You will need to fill out the form completely, including obtaining notarized signatures from all immediate family members. After the form is completed, you can send it electronically or print it out.

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