VA Form 8824i – CAATS Contractor Access Request Form

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 8824i – CAATS Contractor Access Request Form – A VA Form 8824i, also known as a CAATS Contractor Access Request form, is a VA requirement for contractors who want to perform VA service. This form is used to obtain access to the VA’s Contracting Administration Automated Transfer System (CAATS) database. It is the VA’s online contractor registration system for all VA projects.

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Form Number VA Form 8824i
Form Title CAATS Contractor Access Request Form
Edition Date August 2022
File Size 106 KB

What is a VA Form 8824i?

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Where Can I Find a VA Form 8824i?

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers a number of benefits to Veterans and their family members. For starters, the department has a program called the Pre-Discharge Claim program. This is where you can make a claim for things like medical and dental care, and compensation for lost or stolen service-related items. Aside from claims, there are several other ways to benefit from the VA.

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VA Form 8824i – CAATS Contractor Access Request Form

If you are a contractor, VA Form 8824i – CAATS Contractor Access Request Form may apply to you. It outlines the steps you must take in case of a data breach or a privacy incident.

Security incidents can include an unauthorized disclosure of VA information, a successful exploit of a system vulnerability, or an imminent threat to the availability or confidentiality of information systems. Any incident that threatens the integrity or security of VA information or acceptable use policies must be reported within one hour of discovery. In addition, the contracting officer and COR must be notified.

The VA Information Security Policy describes the rules for reporting and investigating security incidents. It also requires annual training for personnel and subcontractors. A contractor who fails to complete the mandatory training may have their access privileges revoked.

Upon termination of the contract, the contractor must return any IT equipment that contains VA information to the VA. They must also destroy all media that contained VA information. However, copies of such media made for restoration must be destroyed after such restoration.

VA contractors are authorized to access VA information systems and applications, but only as necessary to perform the contract. This includes privileged information such as financial, quality assurance, budgetary, investigatory, medical, law enforcement, and other types of information.

VA Form 8824i Example

VA Form 8824i

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