VA Form SF-1188 – Cancellation of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues

VAFORMS.NETVA Form SF-1188 – Cancellation of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues – SF-1188 is a form that is used to cancel the payroll deduction for certain types of tax withholdings. For instance, if you are self-employed and do not qualify for an extension, you must fill out this form and send it to the IRS. It is also important to keep a copy of this form on file. If you have forgotten to send it, the IRS may refuse to honor any tax refund you have received.

Download VA Form SF-1188 – Cancellation of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues

Form Number VA Form SF-1188
Form Title Cancellation of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues
Edition Date October 2013
File Size 76 KB


What is a VA Form SF-1188?

SF-1188 is a form of a request for voluntary allotment of compensation. It is a form that must be completed by an individual employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs who is a member of the National Federation of Federal Employees. The completed form may be used to stop the labor organization from deducting from an employee’s pay. The form must be submitted to the NFFE in writing.

The form may be filled out online or on paper. The Department of Veterans Affairs will remit one check each pay period to the NFFE. The remittance must be accompanied by a listing of member employees. The listing must include a facility code number for identification.

The SF-1188 is not a replacement for a collective bargaining agreement. In some instances, local bargaining may be required. A copy of the written agreement will be distributed to all employees affected by the change.

In some instances, employees may request new assignments. Management will make every effort to accommodate employees’ requests. However, employees should also consult with their supervisors. Normally, management will not assign employees to new positions unless they request them.

Employees can also exercise their rights to file a grievance. Grievances can be filed with the Director of a VA facility or the NFFE president. A grievant may also choose to represent himself or herself. The Department will provide reasonable duty time for the employee to prepare his or her complaint in private.

Where Can I Find a VA Form SF-1188?

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VA Form SF-1188 – Cancellation of Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues

SF-1188 is a Form that can be used for cancellation of the deduction of membership dues from an employee’s pay. This form is submitted to the payroll department of the labor organization.

The employee must submit this form within 20/10 days of termination or rehire. The form must contain the name of the labor organization, the employee’s name, the Social Security number, and the official installation or post office.

The SF 1188 is also sent to the labor organization’s designated personnel official. The form is retained for at least one year by the official. It is then forwarded to the Human Resources Service Staff Center (HRSSC) for processing.

The union is located in the same building as the payroll office. In December 2009, Tribbett tried to leave the union but was unsuccessful. She was frustrated because the union continued to deduct dues from her pay. She claimed she wanted to leave the union on her anniversary date. She also believed the Union received her SF 1188. But she did not have written confirmation that the form had been received.

After the employee’s failure to receive a fax confirmation, Tribbett tried to send the form by interoffice mail. She received a reply from the Union vice president that this was an acceptable method. She faxed the form to the Union on September 15. She also sent a copy to the payroll department.

VA Form SF-1188 Example

VA Form SF-1188

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