VA Form 10-5345A – Individuals’ Request for a Copy of Their Own Health Information

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 10-5345A – Individuals’ Request for a Copy of Their Own Health Information – What is VA Form 10-5345A and where can I get a copy? Read this article to learn more. This form is used to request a copy of your military records from the Department of Veterans Affairs. It includes the patient’s name, address, and contact information, among other details. It also includes the date and conditions.

Download VA Form 10-5345A – Individuals’ Request for a Copy of Their Own Health Information

Form Number VA Form 10-5345A
Form Title Individuals’ Request for a Copy of Their Own Health Information
Edition Date September 2022
File Size 796 KB

What is a VA Form 10-5345A?

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If you have received treatment from a VA medical center, you can fill out VA Form 10-5345A, which allows you to request copies of your health records. The form will require your date of birth, a detailed description of the information you’re seeking, and the method you prefer to receive the records. Once you’ve completed the form, you should have the information you need within 20 days.

The form must be signed by the veteran or authorized signer, if applicable. If you are submitting this form online, you’ll also need a power of attorney. You should always be sure to complete the form carefully, as this is an important document for the Veteran’s Administration.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 10-5345A?

VA Form 10-5345A is a short and simple form that you can use to request a copy of your medical records. You can use it for any reason, from searching for a new doctor to requesting a copy of previous tests performed during a hospital stay. You can even keep a copy for your personal records.

Once you have found the right form, you can start filling it out. Once you’re done, the VA will begin processing your request within 20 business days. When completing the form, make sure to include all of the necessary information, including dates of treatment and personal details. When you’re finished, you can email a copy to yourself or invite a coworker to sign the document for you.

The information you include on VA Form 10-5345A is private and confidential. If you provide incorrect information, it’s possible that your records may never be verified. However, the lack of verification does not affect your other veteran benefits.

VA Form 10-5345A – Individuals’ Request for a Copy

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To fill out VA Form 10-5345A, you’ll need to enter your name, date of birth, medical facility, and preferred method of delivery. Then, check the boxes for the type of information you’re requesting and sign. Your request will be processed within 20 business days.

VA Form 10-5345A Example

VA Form 10-5345A

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