VA Form 10-5392 – Occasional Volunteer Time Sheet

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 10-5392 – Occasional Volunteer Time Sheet – You may be wondering: What is a VA Form 10-5392 and where can I find one? This article will explain what this document is and where to find it. It will also explain how to fill out this form correctly. Once you’ve completed this form, you can submit it with your monthly VA claim.

Download VA Form 10-5392 – Occasional Volunteer Time Sheet

Form Number VA Form 10-5392
Form Title Occasional Volunteer Time Sheet
Edition Date June 2016
File Size 778 KB

What is a VA Form 10-5392?

Whether you need medical care or want to receive VA benefits, you may need to submit VA Form 10-5392 to the Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care System. This form requests certain personal information, including your Social Security Number, for various purposes. If you fail to provide this information, the VA may delay your benefits. However, you will not lose any other benefits if you submit the form correctly. The Social Security Number will be used to administer VA benefits and to identify veterans and beneficiaries. It may also be used for other purposes.

If you’re a VA employee who occasionally volunteers for approved non-profit organizations, you can document your volunteer time using VA Form 10-5392. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Occasional Volunteer Time Sheet, including when and how to use it.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 10-5392?

Volunteers are a vital part of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and perform a wide variety of tasks to support Veterans. The VA Form 10-5392, Occasional Volunteer Time Sheet, is used to track the volunteer’s hours worked.

The VA Form 10-5392 can be found on the VA website at Select “All Forms” from the drop-down menu and then search for “10-5392”. The form can also be obtained from a VA facility’s Volunteer Services office.

Completed forms should be submitted to the Volunteer Services office so that the hours worked can be properly credited. For more information on volunteering with the VA, visit

VA Form 10-5392 – Occasional Volunteer Time Sheet

The VA Form 10-5392 is used by many organizations, such as churches and community organizations, to document the volunteer work of their members. This form should be filled out once a year on or before August 1st. However, veterans with static clothing allowances do not need to submit this form annually.

VA Form 10-5392 Example

VA Form 10-5392

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