VA Form 20-0998 – Your Right to Seek Review of Our Decision

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 20-0998 – Your Right to Seek Review of Our Decision – What is VA Form 20-0998? And where can I find one? Let’s dig deeper into this form and explore what it means for your disability claims. If you are receiving a negative disability rating from the VA, you may have a right to seek a review of this decision. You can do this at your local VA office or appeal to the higher courts.

Download VA Form 20-0998 – Your Right to Seek Review of Our Decision

Form Number VA Form 20-0998
Form Title Your Right to Seek Review of Our Decision
Edition Date May 2022
File Size 568 KB

What is a VA Form 20-0998?

A VA Form 20-0998 is used to file a supplemental claim for benefits. This form requires several documents to support your claim. These include a final medical record, a certified copy of the original claim, and an authorized letter from a VA administrator. If you are denied benefits, you can request an independent medical examination to prove your eligibility.

The VA is committed to reviewing your claim fairly. Regardless of the type of claim you file, the evidentiary standard is the same: the VA must have evidence of a verified in-service injury and the current disability. If the VA denies your claim, you may appeal it to a Veterans Law Judge.

The VA Form 20-0998 can be completed online or downloaded and sent via email. If you need to sign the document on the go, signing now is a great solution. It takes just a minute to sign and is cross-platform, so you can sign the document from any mobile device or tablet.

Where Can I Find a VA Form 20-0998?

If you are filing for VA benefits, you can find the VA Form 20-0998 online. This form is used to request that a higher level of the Department of Veterans Affairs review a decision. VA reviewers look at the evidence on record at the time of the decision. The form can be found online or downloaded for your convenience.

The form will tell you what type of claim you are making and what information the VA needs. If you receive a negative response to your claim, you can file a supplemental claim to get a higher rating or approval. If you are denied, you can appeal your case at the local VA office or in higher courts.

The VA Form 20-0998 is not required for every type of claim. The VA may decide to review your claim if you believe it is eligible. If it does, it will enter it into another VIA claim on your behalf.

VA Form 20-0998 – Your Right to Seek Review of Our Decision

If you have a decision made against you and believe it’s wrong, you can appeal it. You can file a VA Form 20-0998 – Your right to seek review of our policies – to ask for a higher level review of that decision. The Department of Veterans Affairs will review the decision based on evidence on record at the time it was made.

You can fill out VA Form 20-0998 and submit it to the VA in person or by mail. The form asks you about the nature of your claim, and the type of compensation you are seeking. If you are claiming disability benefits, the form will list this benefit type.

After the Department receives your form, they will notify you about any evidence you need to submit to support your claim. The VA will then help you gather that evidence. If your claim is denied, you can appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.

VA Form 20-0998 Example

VA Form 20-0998 VA Form 20-0998

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