VA Form 21P-10198 – Legal Summary—Survivors Pension

VAFORMS.NETVA Form 21P-10198 – Legal Summary—Survivors Pension – Those who have served in the military are entitled to a Survivors Pension. To receive this benefit, you need to file a VA Form 21P-10198. This form is available on the VA website and other legal sites.

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Form Number VA Form 21P-10198
Form Title Legal Summary—Survivors Pension
Edition Date May 2022
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Where Can I Find a VA Form 21P-10198?

Survivors and dependent children of Veterans can apply for VA pension benefits. They must meet certain requirements. These include being under the age of 23 and permanently incapable of self-support. They may also qualify for additional benefits. If there is no surviving spouse, the children will receive the pension in their own right.

The VA will deduct the amount of money that the family paid for health care or premiums for health insurance from countable income. The family’s income may also be adjusted to increase the rate of pension. These benefits are not subject to seizure, attachment, or levy. However, monthly payments may be stopped if there is fraudulent or false evidence. They are also exempt from claims of creditors.

To apply for VA pension benefits, the surviving spouse must submit VA Form 21-534, a claim for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation. It must be submitted with a certified copy of a public record of a prior marriage. If there are children, VA Form 21-674 is required for approval of school attendance. The surviving spouse may also qualify for a higher rate of a pension if they are blind, blinded in both eyes, or are in a nursing home. They may also qualify for permanent confinement to their home.

If the surviving spouse is blind, blind in both eyes, in a nursing home, or otherwise needs regular aid, they may qualify for a higher rate of pension. However, these benefits may be terminated after 61 days of incarceration.

VA Form 21P-10198 – Legal Summary—Survivors Pension

A survivor’s pension is a type of pension provided by the VA for a veteran or his dependents. Survivors may receive a higher rate of pension if the surviving spouse is blind, disabled, or in a nursing home. In addition, if the veteran has a dependent child who is permanently incapable of self-support, the dependent may receive a pension in its own right.

The VA calculates the maximum rate of pension based on the veteran’s countable income. This includes income from other people, salary, retirement payments, investment income, and other items. Countable income is reduced by non-reimbursable medical expenses and other items, such as premiums for health insurance and educational expenses.

Benefit rates change periodically, so it’s a good idea to keep track of your family’s income and net worth. It’s also a good idea to report your income on the VA’s Form 21P-10198. VA uses computer matching programs to verify the information you submit. If you fail to provide the required evidence, your award may be suspended. Also, if you fail to provide a certified copy of a public record of your divorce or annulment, your award may be suspended. If you receive an award, you must inform the Social Security Administration of any change in your marital status, the birth or death of a dependent, or your incarceration.

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